According to a study, over half of respondents believe Biden is a worse president than projected, and the majority do not want to see him run again.

According to a recent USA Today/Suffolk University survey, with precisely one year until the midterm elections, President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democrats in Congress have abysmal ratings that suggest they might face a rout in 2022.

The study, conducted after the elections on Tuesday but before House Democrats enacted the popular infrastructure plan on Friday, shows Biden with near-zero popularity ratings, Harris with much worse numbers, and Democrats lagging by a wide margin on the generic congressional ballot.

According to USA Today/Suffolk University, Biden has a 37.8 percent popularity rating with a 59 percent disapproval rating more than 21 points below the national average. Forty-six percent of those polled thought Biden has performed worse than predicted, and 64 percent said they do not want Biden to run for reelection.

The president’s approval rating is consistent with where most surveys were at this stage in former President Donald Trump’s presidency. According to Trump’s disapproval did not reach such heights until days before he left office, in the aftermath of a mob of his fans attacking the Capitol.

According to USA Today/Suffolk University, Harris has a 27.8 percent approval rating, with 51.2 percent disapproving of her work in office. That is more than 23 percentage points below sea level. Following their terrible defeats in Virginia and narrow miss in New Jersey last week, some expected Democrats in Washington to put a halt to their ambitious agenda, which they blamed for alienating independent voters. Instead, they saw the situation differently, believing that Americans were weary of delay and discussion on Capitol Hill and wanted Democrats to pass legislation to aid people.