Biden’s $1.7 trillion social safety net and climate bill is passed by the House.

The Democratic-controlled House enacted extensive legislation aimed at increasing the social safety net and combating climate change on Friday, a huge step toward President Joe Biden’s top legislative ambition.

The House passed Biden’s Build Back Better bill 220 to 213 with one Democrat joining all Republicans in voting against it.

After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the bill carried, the House floor erupted in applause, with Democrats chanting “Nancy.”

The law is now on its way to the Senate, where it is expected to be voted on before Christmas.

To obtain the approval of all 50 Democratic voting members and comply with complicated budget rules, the Senate is anticipated to make some amendments. That means the bill will almost certainly need to be voted on again in the House before it can become law.

Most parents will get a monthly cash payment of up to $300 per kid, as well as funds for child care, universal pre-K, an extension of Affordable Care Act subsidies, and Medicare hearing coverage. It also promises $555 billion to addressing climate change, the single-largest undertaking of its kind in American history. The bill’s funding would come from more taxes on the wealthy and companies, increased IRS enforcement, and prescription drug savings by allowing Medicare to negotiate costs for specific prescriptions.

Pelosi, accompanied by other House Democratic leaders, conducted a victory lap following the vote during a press conference. She expressed optimism that the bill would reach Biden’s desk once the House and Senate worked out their disagreements.

“We’ll tell our kids and grandkids that we were here on this day,” she remarked.

“This is legislation that creates millions of good-paying jobs, provides tax relief to the middle class, lowers expenses, particularly for health care and childcare, and is fully funded.” “She went on.