FlexBike review: A sensible way to get in shape

“Have you tried any of these workout bikes and can you tell me which one is the best?” After seeing one of the ‘smart’ bikes in a shopping center, one of our editors sent us a note. It turned out to be a FlexBike from FlexNest, which I happened to have on hand for testing. “Will it wind up becoming a dumping place for garments if I get one?” he wonders. And it is a reasonable question to ask before purchasing any large gym equipment.

The FlexBike is not inexpensive at Rs 29,999, which adds to the legitimacy of the worry. The FlexBike, on the other hand, is not just about the bike.

The online sessions are designed to keep a user engaged when riding their bike alone in a room. The FlexNest app has these courses available for download.

Is the FlexBike, however, the correct bike for you? Should you think about it, especially if you’ve been putting off starting a fitness program? After using it for nearly a month, here’s what I thought.

How does the FlexBike work?

If you purchase a bike from FlexNest, they will send someone to set it up for you. However, unlike other of the more expensive Peloton clones that are attempting to enter the Indian market and have a full screen, this one depends on the visual element of your phone or tablet.

To get the bike to connect, just launch the FlexNest app on your favorite smartphone and provide it Bluetooth access. After that, simply go to the app’s ride page, touch on Quick Ride, pedal the FlexBike to allow the app to recognize it, and begin recording your session.