Logitech’s adorable Pop Keys keyboard prioritizes form above function.

Logitech’s $99.99 Pop Keys are part of the company’s new Studio Series of attractive computer accessories, which also includes the $39.99 Pop Mouse and $19.99 Logitech Desk Mat. The keyboard looks to be an effort to combine Logitech’s generally robust functionality, such as multiyear battery life and simple cross-device interoperability, with a cutesy TikTok-friendly appearance and novelties such as emoji-keyboard buttons.

However, after using the keyboard on a regular basis, I believe Logitech has missed the mark on the balance. The typewriter-style keycaps on the Pop Keys look fantastic on social media, but they are difficult and punishing to type on, and replacing vital key functions with five emoji shortcuts is a gimmick. The Pop Keys will be available in the United States later this month, and Logitech says it will be available in Europe soon.

The Pop Keys’ fundamental specifications are not all that bad. Although it is not rechargeable, the accompanying pair of AAA batteries provide three years of battery life. It can connect to up to three Bluetooth devices or two Bluetooth devices plus one via Logitech’s Bolt USB receiver (included in the package), and you can effortlessly switch between them by using the F1 to F3 buttons. The keyboard comes in three different color schemes pink, yellow and black, and purple and yellow.

The Pop Keys features a 75 percent keyboard layout, which means it is smaller than a full-size keyboard but still has a function row and arrow keys. Although this may be changed in Logitech’s settings, by default, this function row is dedicated to a number of other functions such as switching between associated devices and playing and volume controls. To access the more traditional F1 – F12 keys, press the Fn key. On the right side of the keyboard, there are five customizable keys for entering various emoji symbols.