June 13, 2021

Everything you need to know about the Singapore employment pass

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If your company has sent you to Singapore to work, you could be eligible for various work visas, one of which is the Singapore Employment Pass (EP). Here’s what you need to know about qualifying for and submitting an application for the EP.

What exactly is an employment pass?

The employment pass Singapore, also known as an EP, is a Singapore work visa granted by the Ministry of Manpower to international skilled workers, administrators, and owners or directors of Singaporean companies. This work visa entitles you to live and work in Singapore.


An employment pass is usually valid for 1-2 years and will extend after that period. Possessing an EP also makes applying for permanent residence in Singapore simpler.

How do you become eligible for an employment pass?

To be qualified for a Singaporean employment pass, you must:


  • Earn a minimum monthly fixed salary of S$3,600. This type of salary is usually valid for recent graduates. However, more experienced candidates may require higher pay to apply.
  • Works in management, executive, or specialized position.
  • A tertiary degree from a reputable university is required. However, lengthy professional work background and a high salary could be enough to compensate for lack of education.


Please keep in mind that these are just guidelines. Authorities review all employment pass applications before approval. There is no cap on the number of EPs that a Singapore-based company can have.

What documents are you required to submit to apply for an employment pass?

  • A signed EP application form by the Singapore corporation that will be employing you.
  • A copy of your most recent resume, as well as any related educational certificates
  • Previous employers’ references/testimonials
  • A recent passport-size photograph of yourself taken during the last three months
  • A copy of your passport’s information page
  • A copy of the market profile of the Singapore company that is hiring
  • A comprehensive overview of your work responsibilities
  • A concise summary of the Singapore company’s operations and goods.


In addition to the eight documents mentioned above, you may require additional supporting documentation as appropriate. In addition, it must officially translate any non-English documents.

How do you submit your employment pass application, and how long will it take?

There are two options for submitting your employment pass  Singapore application process:


  • If the hiring Singapore business has an EP online account, you can register online. Authorities review online applications within three weeks of submission.
  • You may also apply a manual application, which allows you to connect all supporting documentation that you cannot do online. The authorities will assess manual applications within eight weeks of submission.


Your application’s average processing time can differ by several days or weeks. This situation is due to several factors, including the credentials of the Singapore business hiring, the applicant’s qualifications, and the availability of supporting documentation.

How can you find out if they accept your employment pass, and how will you get it?

When your employment pass Singapore application is accepted, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will submit an In-Principle-Approval (IPA) letter to the address of the employing Singapore company. The IPA letter is valid for six months after it is published.


To obtain your pass, you must travel to Singapore and present a copy of the IPA letter, your passport, and any other documents specified in the IPA letter. The authorities will give you a one-time entry visa to access Singapore and obtain your employment pass.


Your IPA letter may require you to undergo a medical examination and provide the results when you receive your work visa. You may choose to have the medical test performed in your home country or when you arrive in Singapore.


You will pick up Dependent’s Passes, and Long-Term Visit Passes for your family at the same time if you applied for both. Please keep in mind that all EP applications are not final until they have earned In-Principle-Approval. Please do not make any previous arrangements to relocate.

You were able to receive an employment pass. Is it possible for you to bring your family?

You will if you earn a minimum monthly fixed salary of S$6000.


Spouses and children of active employment pass Singapore holders can apply for a family visa known as a Dependent’s Pass (DP) during or after the EP is approved. Dependent passes are automatically accepted until the EP application is approved, and they expire at the same time as the EP.


Common-law spouses, unmarried disabled children over 21 years old, and unmarried stepchildren under 21 years old of successful EP holders can apply for a Long-Term Visit Pass. It allows them to remain in the country for an extended time. LTVPs, like DPs, are automatically accepted once the EP application is approved and expires at the same time as the EP.


Parents of successful EP holders are also eligible for the LTVP, but the successful EP holder must receive a minimum of S$12,000.

Your employment pass was not successful. So, what are you supposed to do?

If your application was unsuccessful, notify your employment pass Singapore agency. They will collaborate closely with MOM to investigate the potential reasons for the denial – and, if appropriate, they will assist you in submitting an appeal that explicitly addresses these reasons.


Appeals are typically processed within 4-6 weeks and are likely to be accepted until the additional information requested is considered appropriate by MOM.

How do you renew your work visa?

Three months until your EP expires, authorities will mail an employment pass Singapore renewal form to your employer’s registered address. The renewal application must be completed and sent to MOM at least four weeks before the expiration date of your EP. 


If your renewal application is accepted, your employer will receive a notification. To obtain your new EP, you must go to the MOM office.

Apply for an employment pass today

As a Singapore Employment Pass holder, you can live, work, and enjoy in Singapore. You will be one of the most eligible applicants for specialist, administrative, and executive roles in the country’s private sector, regardless of your country of origin. You must contact an agency if you want to obtain your work visa in Singapore. RenAi Group is a reputable company that will assist you in obtaining a work visa that is appropriate for your qualifications. Please contact us right away to get the application started.

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