OPPO’s Newly Launched Reno6 Series Shines Brighter with Upgraded Reno Glow, Combining Technology and Aesthetics.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, November 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ when it comes to designing the next legendary offering, the smartphone industry is constantly one step ahead. OPPO, the world’s leading technology company, believes that well-designed technology should be easily integrated into one’s life and fitted to our needs, and has been at the forefront of improving every series. The new Reno6 series provides one-of-a-kind smartphones in vibrant splashes of color that fascinate users and set them out from the crowd.

OPPO has long valued artistry and design aesthetics, and is dedicated to providing consumers with beautiful experiences through partnering with a variety of designers and institutes, as well as establishing an international Design Center in London.

Exceptional design must meet three criteria for OPPO first, an appealing aesthetic must draw attention to itself by its distinctiveness. Importantly, the design must not jeopardize functioning the user experience must be pleasant throughout the product’s lifespan. Finally, once these two criteria have been met, the smartphone must provide additional value; user engagement must elicit enthusiasm with each use, empowering the user.

The Reno6 5G from the company has an ultra-slim retro design with a sleek, flat-edged frame that is unique to the Reno6 series for a better grip and a phone that is easy to hold.

The Design Language of OPPO

The designs of OPPO Reno are so distinctive that they have created its own “language” that is instantly recognized by consumers all across the world. Slim, gleaming, and light are just a few of the words that come to mind when thinking of OPPO aesthetics. The Reno Design Language will be passed down with each generation of devices, adding more inventive innovations for a better user experience with each launch, same to how upgrades are passed down.