The Memo: The Rittenhouse case reveals a deep schism in the United States 2021

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is exposing the fundamental schisms in American society once again – schisms so wide that people on opposing sides appear to see two completely different worlds.

After fatally shooting two individuals and injuring a third last year, Rittenhouse is on trial for murder.

When riots occurred after police shot a Black man, Jacob Blake, in the back, Rittenhouse, who was 17 at the time, was traveling from Antioch, Illinois, to Kenosha, Wisconsin. In the wake of the outrage over police deaths of Black people, Rittenhouse had professed sympathy for officers. He was equipped with an assault-style weapon in Kenosha. Those are pretty much the only facts that everyone agrees on.

Rittenhouse’s case epitomizes a profoundly prejudiced enforcement and justice system, according to leftists, particularly Black activists.

They examine every stage of Rittenhouse’s journey and speculate on what might have occurred if a Black adolescent had done the same things.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson, a radio personality, analyst, and author of numerous books about Black life, remarked, “All of these elements make a composite picture of a criminal justice system.” “That’s why you see so many African Americans on social media, where the one theme that keeps coming up is ‘double standard,’ ‘double standard,’ ‘double standard,’

Rittenhouse had wandered the streets of Kenosha the night of the shootings, equipped with an assault-style gun that he was too young to lawfully possess. He does not appear to have been approached by a police officer. In reality, cops offered him and other conservative demonstrator’s water bottles and complimented them.

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