The Tech podcast goes head to head with Razer’s smart mask.

Hello, listeners. It is Brett Molina calling. Hello and welcome back to Talking Tech. So we have been wearing fabric or surgical masks for approximately a year and a half, nearly two years. So it is no wonder that IT companies are thinking about taking the next step and making these masks more sophisticated.

Let us take Razer as an example. We generally know them for a variety of video gaming accessories like as controllers and headphones. We just discussed the new wireless earphones that they released on this episode. Their most recent invention? Razer’s Zephyr. It is a portable air purifier that you may wear. It is currently available for $99. And, once again, it is the newest in technological innovations aimed at assisting you in upgrading your mask.

Another recent example was William’s collaboration with Honeywell on the Xupermask, spelt with an X. It is a smart mask that costs $299. It comes with earphones. It has Bluetooth capabilities. It is also equipped with a HEPA filtering system.

But for the time being, let us concentrate on the Zephyr. I had the opportunity to test this out for about a week, and you can read my impressions. My initial opinion is that it is a lot of fun to wear. You will have the sensation of being a supervillain. The first name that sprang to me when I saw them on Bane. If you recall from the film The Dark Night Rises, the first thing I thought of doing was putting it on. And that is how I felt and sounded while wearing the mask when I was talking. As if I’m going to go fight Batman or do some other supervillainy.