The Xbox software for PC has been updated to provide the ability to choose the installation directory.

Microsoft has released a fresh set of improvements for the Xbox app for PC. Users will be able to choose and install games in any folder, as well as utilize mods, in the near future.

Installation Locations

Unlike Steam or Epic Games Store, the Xbox program for PC has always been very limited when it came to game installation. The program only allowed players to choose between disks, so they couldn’t choose which folder their games went into.

In the most recent PC community update, Xbox announced that install directory selection will be available, allowing players to choose where their games are downloaded and even create custom subfolders beneath it. This is useful if you need to back up your games, transfer them to a new system, or even reset your computer. Xbox Insiders will be able to test the feature soon before it goes live.


A little symbol will appear next to some titles on the app, such as ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,’ indicating that they are moddable. Players will soon have direct access to their local files and assets, allowing them to modify and move things around to change the game’s desired characteristics.

Widget for Automatic HDR (for Windows 11 users)

Microsoft included an auto HDR option to the recent Windows 11 version, which improves the visual quality in many older games. If you prefer not to use HDR, the new update to Xbox Game Bar includes a widget that allows you to toggle it on or off, as well as a slider to alter the intensity.