This digital microscope broadcasts the small world to your smartphone, and it is on sale today for a limited time before Black Friday.

This Wi-Fi Digital Microscope connects to your smartphone or laptop, includes recording and streaming capabilities, and is available for a discounted holiday price.

If your last encounter with a microscope was in high school biology class, you might not know that how we observe the small world around us has altered dramatically. Most microscopes are now digital, with sophisticated cameras that make viewing and recording all those minute details much easier. When it comes to microscopes, portable isn’t generally the first thing that comes to mind, but at under 8 oz., this machine can go almost anywhere. Instead of bringing plants, minerals, insects, or other outside things inside for examination, this equipment allows you to take the microscope outside.

Not only can this microscope readily magnify anything with a magnification range of 50x to 1000x, but it also wirelessly feeds live footage of whatever you’re looking at from up to 33 feet away. It connects to a smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi for a wireless display, or you may connect it to a desktop or laptop computer via USB.

In either case, you’ll be able to see your photographs a lot more clearly than you could with those little viewing scopes.

Users may throw varying brightness levels on a topic using an array of 8 LED lights to bring out all the details and excellent clarity. Meanwhile, the high-resolution camera can capture photographs in 1080p HD quality and has enough storage space to keep all of the findings for posterity.

This Wi-Fi Digital Microscope is a fun, easy-to-use solution for inquisitive youngsters or even still interested adults to examine anything more carefully. Normally $69, customers can get one today for $15 less during the current pre-Black Friday Sale.