What Is MIS Webmail? It’s Working and Benefits:

If we talk about the normal education in colleges, and schools then the students can learn and get study updates with the help of college, and school websites. Other than this, the MIS Webmail stands for the managed internet service. Basically, it is the education system that is working in Queensland Australia. This service is funded and managed by the Australian authorization. In this article, we will tell you about every detail of the MIS Webmail.

What is MIS Webmail?

It stands for managed internet service. It is the free school system that is present especially for the Queensland pupils. This program is launched by the Australian government and the main purpose is to provide up-to-date studies to every student. 

With the help of MIS Webmail every student has the opportunity to get the latest study materials like books, and lectures. Basically, the Australian government funds the MIS Webmail to provide free education to the students of Queensland and also to improve the students’ training.  

This platform is specially made for Queensland students where they receive lectures, study training, and other material for studies. The main name of this platform is EQ or also called the Education Queensland webmail. The main benefit of creating this platform is to provide free online education to Queensland schools and colleges. 

How Does MIS Webmail Work?

After knowing what the MIS Webmail is and its main work now it is very important to know how this system works. The MIS Webmail works like the email system. Basically, every school will give a unique email to their students, and then the MIS Webmail will communicate easily with students. 

Every student has the ability to create their own portal. Other than this, with the help of this email they can identify every student and communicate with them. However, the MIS Webmail will provide a separate email address for parents to access the MIS website. To access the website you just have to enter the email and password that is provided by the MIS Webmail. 

What is EQ Webmail?

It is a fact that Queensland people need free online education, that’s why the Australian government launched the platform to provide free training, lectures, and other study-related material to provide education to the Queensland pupils. 

Basically, the name of this platform is EQ Webmail and is developed and funded by the Government of Australia. If we talk about history then in 1850 Warwick launched this company and the Government of Australia funds the EQ Webmail. 

However, there are too many benefits that Queensland students will get from the MIS Webmail. Like this system is totally free for the Queensland students, it provides free online education, some other services like training, books, lectures, school photographs, and many other benefits that are given below. 

The Key Advantages Of MIS Webmail:

The MIS Webmail contains too many advantages for the pupils of Queensland to improve their studies. Some most important benefits are given below.

Latest Information:

The MSI webmail will always provide you with up-to-date information, the latest lectures, and all the latest resources related to the study. That’s why the MIS Webmail education system is considered one of the best systems that are implemented in the schools and colleges of Queensland.




MIS Webmail is the most secure platform that provides you complete security to your data and also your personal information. Just because of the strict data security system of MIS Webmail you can feel relaxed all the time.

Saves Money:

The advantage that we want to discuss with you is that MIS Webmail saves your money. In ancient times all types of businesses sent mail through tangible methods. As compared to that the MIS Webmail offers every business to send mail through a single click of a button. It is very easy to create a MIS Webmail account and start working with them. It is a fact that email is cheaper than the physical ways, so it saves you too much money.

How To Create An Account On MIS Webmail:

There are the following steps that you have to follow for creating an account. All the steps that you have to follow are given below.

  1. In the first step, you have to go to the mobile settings that you can open with the help of a notification panel or from the menu.
  2. After opening the phone settings select the mail, calendar, and then contact option.
  3. Now you have to click on the Add a mail account option.
  4. After this enter your name, email address, and password. The thing you have to remember is that enter the mail and password that is provided by the MIS Webmail.
  5. After completing the above steps you have to click the next button.

After completing all the steps the new window will open. In this window, you have to select the account option as a POP and then enter the information that is required. Basically, in this information, you need to enter all the details of the mail servers that are incoming and outgoing.


However, enter the pop.ed.edu.au as a hostname name then MIS password in the incoming mail server. Along with this, you have to enter smtp.eq.edu.au as a hostname but you have entered this after the MIS username. When you complete all the steps and enter your all important information you have to click on the Save button.




The MIS Webmail is the best thing that the Queensland government introduces for the pupil of Queensland. Through this system, students will get different lectures, books, publications, and other resources related to the study. This education system is incredible, it covers all the schools and colleges of Queensland. I hope after reading the whole article your all misunderstandings have been solved and if you have any questions related to this you can ask us in the comment section.